The making of Instar

We sat down and wrote and rewrote, pouring over the material yet still keeping the vibrancy of those exciting ideas. Okay, so we’ve been accused of dragging our feet as ten years have elapsed since the ten-song ‘MatRik ‘CD was released. But we had nothing we wanted to say before that. We were determined to get this right and to get it right involved a few rewrites! Putting four of our old songs onto a MySpace page and having over 600 hits without anyone really knowing they are there is good. We’ve also made a few friends but those songs couldn’t be further from where we are now.

The range of influences on this album is awe -inspiring with progressive rock along side jazz, blues and even flamenco! The lyrics have come from enormous writing sessions to a quick few lines into a Dictaphone at 3am! Sometimes we don’t know how much is just intuition and how much is magical happenstance!

If we were to sum up the album in one line it would be ‘A pastiche of lifelong influences wound round an eccentric, original thread. Writing a song, usually involves just the acoustic and the vast sheets of lyrics and song ideas. The rush of excitement is the hardest part to capture on the finished, recorded version. It’s like sketches for a painting that grab so much more movement and feel but when you see the finished canvas you are moved by its artistry not just the first thoughts.”

Each song is so different to last on the CD that the mixing process required the concentration of a Monk illuminating a manuscript! Getting the right vibe for each song is the hardest part besides knowing when to walk away and it’s done. Patience is not only a virtue it’s a necessity when you’re mixing for the great Jon Astley to Master. No pressure then!

Ultimately the music is very personal and has been my life’s work. I am extremely proud of the album as a whole. I pushed myself to my limits and on the artwork side of the album. It was an out of body experience. I sat back, looked at the screen and said; “I didn’t really do that, did I?

What has driven us to keep going is that magic when you know you’ve made a good song that has the potential to be great and you have to play it again and again because that excitement is so addictive it’s untrue

The album cover photo was a progression from the idea of Instar the song that became the name of the band. We shot on location in Townley Halll in Burnley sat in the exquisite music room surrounded by priceless antique instruments. The sheets and the butterflies were green screen effects in a studio. It looks so real though!

Brand new & beautiful, created by instar!